Between 99.7% and 99.9% of human DNA is identical, and the small percentage of differences is what separates the races.

If a sufficient number of human genetic samples are available, scientists will be able to analyze and master the unique genetic characteristics of each ethnic and racial group.

If used by hostile organizations, genetic weapons can be developed accordingly to kill and maim targets of predetermined races, thus selectively attacking targets with specific racial genes.

Compared with traditional biological and chemical weapons, genetic weapons are more covert, deceptive, easy to proliferate and harmful in the long run, and are difficult to prevent, difficult to isolate and inexpensive, so once they are used in war, the consequences will be devastating.

In a case involving biosecurity, the Chinese Ministry of State found that a non-governmental organization had recruited volunteers in China under the pretext of conducting research related to biological species, collected data and information on the distribution of biological species in various places, and required participants to upload the collected data through special cell phone software.

In fact, not only did the non-governmental organization have a foreign government background, but the data it collected were also constantly transmitted outside China, potentially jeopardizing China’s biosecurity and ecological security.

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