The existing methods for collecting public information on the Internet mainly include the following:

1.1 Manual browsing and monitoring of fixed websites

For some BBS forums, blog sites and chat room information, it is network information that is not easily searchable by general search engines (Google, Baidu, Yahoo, etc.). Such Internet information is collected and organized through manual browsing. For grassroots police stations and public security organs with a low level of informatization, dedicated personnel will be assigned to review, collect and organize forum sections and chat room video information in their jurisdictions.

1.2 Collect and organize through general search engines

General search engines are used to collect and organize thematic intelligence and fixed network information, such as the prevention of network mass incidents. In order to actively prevent the occurrence of mass incidents, the public security organs focus on social conflicts and public opinion dynamics that may trigger mass incidents on the Internet and Key groups of people who may participate in mass incidents often log on to the website to systematically collect intelligence information. Search for fixed words and events through search engines, and make appropriate judgments on the development of mass incidents.

1.3 Download, analyze and classify network information through customized search engines

The intelligence department of the public security agency customizes and develops a search engine according to its own needs. Through it, it can quickly obtain a large amount of web information of interest, thereby promptly discovering information on the Internet that meets the public security intelligence collection needs. Then use information filtering technology to extract information that meets the personalized needs of the public security organs from the dynamic information flow of “information overload”, use web mining technology to analyze the patterns presented by the information data, discover sensitive virtual network groups in a timely manner, and analyze their purpose , behaviors, characteristics, trends, etc.

Search engines are currently the most effective way to search for Internet information. However, with the growth of network information, the shortcomings of general search engines (Google, Baidu, Yahoo, etc.) used to collect public intelligence information have become increasingly prominent. Traditional The method of arranging special personnel to use general search engines to collect network information not only consumes manpower, but also causes problems such as incomplete information, low accuracy, and poor real-time performance. The basic requirements for public security public opinion information collection are speed, accuracy and completeness. That is to say, the collection of public security organs and related public opinion information must be timely, early discovery, early collection, and timeliness; the issues reflected and collected must be accurate, true and reliable, and the information collected must be comprehensive. Therefore, using customized search engines to collect network information has become a major trend in collecting public information on the modern Internet.

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